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Luxilon ALU Power 130 Diamond Anniversary

Luxilon ALU Power 130 Diamond Anniversary Few strings in the world represent what Luxilon ALU Power represents in the tennis strings...

The Head Hawk family

The Head Hawk family Here is an exhaustive analysis of the well-known monofilament strings of the Head Hawk series. This analysis comes...

HighString Hi Storm8

HighString Hi Storm8 The HighString Hi Storm8 is an octagonal olefin polyester monofilament. The Hi Storm8 is available in midnight blue and is...

StringLab Aaauz Soft Solution

StringLab Aaauz Soft Solution The StringLab Aaauz Soft Solution is the “less competitive” version (more elastic and with more free power...

Dunlop Explosive Red

Dunlop Explosive Red Dunlop introduces the new Explosive Red tennis string, a high quality (premium) co-polyester monofilament with a heat-treated outer coating that helps...

Diadem Flash

Diadem Flash Diadem Flash is a very balanced monofilament with a round section and composed of co-polyester. The Flash are available...

MSV Focus Hex Ultra

MSV Focus Hex Ultra The Focus Hex Ultra is the new series of monofilaments proposed by the German company MSV. The...

Gamma Jet

Gamma Jet The Gamma Jet is a polyester monofilament with a twisted profile and a structured surface. It is available...

Kirschbaum X-Plosive Speed

Kirschbaum X-Plosive Speed We have tested in preview the X-Plosive Speed, the new monofilament of the German company Kirschbaum, which will soon...

StringLab Top One

StringLab Top One Top One is a multifilament string by StringLab, an Italian brand specializing in the production and marketing of...

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Donnay Allwood 102 Hexacore Unibody

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Donnay Formula 100 Hexacore Unibody 2020

Donnay Formula 100 Hexacore Unibody

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Dunlop SX 300 Tour

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Wilson Ultra 100 V3

Wilson Ultra 100 V3 Wilson's weapon to fight the competition in the 100/300 frame range is confirmed to be...

Pro-T-One Chromatic String Tuner II

Pro-T-One Chromatic String Tuner II In the world of devices used to measure the dynamic tension of the strings...