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MSV Go Max

MSV Go Max MSV, the German brand well known for the famous Focus Hex, offers a wide range of strings going from soft to tough...

Dunlop Explosive Spin

Dunlop Explosive Spin Explosive Spin is the new Dunlop string presented in conjunction with the SX line of racquets (see our test of the Dunlop...

Babolat RPM Power

Babolat RPM Power Babolat is deeply renewing all the string line for the next year to come and comes out with a completely new string...

Tecnifibre HDMX

Tecnifibre HDMX Tecnifibre is a brand that needs no introduction. In the past it made history with multifilaments, and has a very high-quality production facility...

Luxilon ALU Power 130 Diamond Anniversary

Luxilon ALU Power 130 Diamond Anniversary Few strings in the world represent what Luxilon ALU Power represents in the tennis strings panorama. Luxilon, as we know, was a...

The Head Hawk family

The Head Hawk family Here is an exhaustive analysis of the well-known monofilament strings of the Head Hawk series. This analysis comes after about 20 days of on...

HighString Hi Storm8

HighString Hi Storm8 The HighString Hi Storm8 is an octagonal olefin polyester monofilament. The Hi Storm8 is available in midnight blue and is available in 1.20 mm gauge and in the most competitive 1.25 and 1.30...

StringLab Aaauz Soft Solution

StringLab Aaauz Soft Solution The StringLab Aaauz Soft Solution is the “less competitive” version (more elastic and with more free power returned) of the Raw Solution. It...

Dunlop Explosive Red

Dunlop Explosive Red Dunlop introduces the new Explosive Red tennis string, a high quality (premium) co-polyester monofilament with a heat-treated outer coating that helps extend its life. The string has a circular cross-section...

Diadem Flash

Diadem Flash Diadem Flash is a very balanced monofilament with a round section and composed of co-polyester. The Flash are available in white and have a wide range of sizes: 1.15, 1.20, 1.25, 1.30and 1.35 mm. The price of a...

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Wilson Shift

Wilson WLabs Project Shift

Wilson WLabs Project Shift (2023) An interesting preview for Wilson, who have decided to introduce to the online market only these two new frames that...
Msv Swift

Msv Swift

Player Profile Ideal for players who look for an arm-friendly co-poly with a good level of control. It is a perfect string for a player...

Tecnifibre Ergo Pro ATP

Tecnifibre Ergo Pro ATP We were lucky enough to be able to work for a few months, even with heavy workloads, with the Tecnifibre Ergo...
Head Boom MP 2022

Head Boom MP 2022

The new entry enters the racket market with great personality. No wonder the technicians renamed it the Perfect Racket. https://youtu.be/HMfgrkoT7Fw At Head they have no fear...
Head Prestige Tour 2022

Head Prestige Tour 2022

Head Prestige Tour The Head Prestige Tour 2022 is certainly the most revolutionized frame of the new Prestige series. The revolution lies above all in...