Babolat RPM Power

Babolat RPM Power

Babolat is deeply renewing all the string line for the next year to come and comes out with a completely new string called RPM Power; we tested in the demo preview version in 1.25 gauge and brown metallic finish, a strange but beautiful color for a brand new string from the French brand.

Starting from the name I was supposed to find something soft, a new version of the RPM with soft feeling and low static stiffness, but…my assumptions were completely wrong because RPM Power is not a soft poly but a rigid monofilament string with 1.10-1.15kg/mm of static stiffness index, very close to the highest level designed for the top racing strings on the market.

This string is very linear and the instrumental response is very good, describing a tough material with a constant and very consistent reaction to pulling action. Considering the high stiffness, a good advice is to string al low or medium-low tension if you want to have good access to power and spin even if you’re not a pro-player with 1200W shots. 

A good tension range on 98″-100″ rackets could go from 18 to 22kg with no prestretch required, also considering the tough nature of the material.

Durability is very good and the string doesn’t change much with the passing of the playing hours but always consider it’s a racing oriented string with a 8-12 hours of dynamic life…so better change if you don’t break!

The string is very good looking and with a personal unique color; the finish is “strange” and the string requires attention during stringing procedures and weaving; the sensation is strange because you’re stringing a polyester monofilament who seems to be a polyamide mono structure with an external rigid coating….. I’m very curious to know more about the raw material, the external coating and more “secrets” about this string!

String manual stabilization and accurate alignment is required to have a perfect string-job. 

Dynamic stiffness if medium-high but not so high to give the string a metallic or uncomfortable felling; the comfort level is quite good considering we’re talking about a racing string good for medium to advanced players.

Talking about string response on the racquet we can describe RPM Power like a racing oriented string with a very good power and spin attitude combined with a high control level due to the stiffness level and pocketing effect but going deeply we can assure that Babolat RPM 1.25 is an all-round racing string with a complete response and a very versatile response you can use in a lot of ways varying tensions and combinations. 

The static tension maintenance and dynamic tension stability are very good considering the string category; you can use low tension with no problems and feeling the ball entering the string plane with a very good sensation of ball contact. 

In the next future it could be interesting testing the definitive version in hybrid combination with mono-mono solutions or with an high level multifilament or gut.

For instrumental measurements and further information, please refer to the Stringingpedia test page, a portal totally dedicated to the world of tennis strings!