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Wilson WLabs Project Shift  

Wilson WLabs Project Shift (2023) An interesting preview for Wilson, who have decided to introduce to the online market only these two new frames that have come straight out of their design laboratories. The Shift intention is to pursue an innovative concept for the American manufacturer, seeking to propose a product that can complete the […]

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Head Boom MP 2022  

The new entry enters the racket market with great personality. No wonder the technicians renamed it the Perfect Racket. At Head they have no fear of proposing new projects capable of shaking up the tennis universe, and few brands are as dynamic and innovative. The Austrian house is definitely a champion in respecting the past […]

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Head Prestige Tour 2022  

Head Prestige Tour The Head Prestige Tour 2022 is certainly the most revolutionized frame of the new Prestige series. The revolution lies above all in the name since the starting point of the new Tour is the Head Graphene 360+ Prestige Pro. In fact, it offers the same technical specifications when it comes to the […]

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Yonex VCORE PRO 97 310g 2022  

Yonex VCORE PRO 97 310g New release for Yonex, the range that the house positions in the range marked by greater control is revised and renewed. Many interesting contents and a coloring that does not go unnoticed, green, black and purple make it very special and visible: overall, a “fresh” and modern looking livery, even […]

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Wilson Blade 98 V8 16×19 2022  

Wilson Blade 98 V8 16×19 Wilson Blade is perhaps the absolute reference model within the panorama of “modern-classic” competitive racquets, as it fits into the groove of classic boxed competitive racquets but with a series of contaminations coming from the world of semi-profiled racquets in elliptical and semi-elliptical sections. This new model, called V8, now […]

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Pro Kennex Black Ace Pro 97  

Pro Kennex Black Ace Pro 97 Black Ace, a name…a program! The competitive, black branded Pro Kennex is back in a more agonistic version than ever and proposed in a version that winks at the most demanding players by re-proposing a player’s racket, but in a modern and updated perspective. Like the “younger” sister 300-100 […]

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