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Head Lynx Tour Grey 125

Lynx Tour is a monofilament with hexagonal shape and composition based on copolyester. The avarege static stiffness is 1.05 kg/mm.

  Tension holding   Spin   Control
Focus HEX Ultra is a monofilament with hexagonal shape and composition based on copolyester. The avarege static stiffness is 0.92 kg/mm.

  Tension holding   Spin   Resilience peak

Top 10 most visited strings (Sep 13 - Sep 19)

Genesis Hexonic 2.0 Green 128   Spin   Control   Resilience peak
HighString NG Soft Silver 124   Resilience peak   Spin   Power
Babolat RPM Blast Black 125   Control   Spin
Head Lynx Tour Grey 125   Tension holding   Spin   Control
Genesis Hexonic Power Yellow 123   Spin   Control   Tension holding   Stability
Genesis Zero Gravity Black 130   Power   Stability   Tension holding
Solinco Hyper-G Green 120   Spin   Tension holding   Control
Genesis Hexa Infinite Blue 130   Spin   Tension holding   Control

Most popular strings

Babolat RPM Power Brown 125 Monofilament   Power   Spin   Control   Tension holding
Msv Focus HEX Ultra Black 125 Monofilament   Tension holding   Spin   Resilience peak

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String Project Keen 122 String Project, an Italian company now well known for some years in the world of tennis enthusiasts, presents this new Keen in “larger” caliber equal to 1.22mm; this new born is the big sister of the series of thin calibers characterized by a lively blue color and available in caliber 1.13 […]

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Mayami Hit Pro Today we introduce a new brand related to the world of tennis strings: Mayami. Mayami is a Ukrainian company named from the initials of founder Yaroslav Milchenko and his wife Maryna and currently offers five series of strings: Big Spin, Tour Hex, Magic Twist, Hepta Power and Hit Pro. The subject of […]

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Head Lynx Tour The range of Head strings is one of the most complete in tennis, and offers many choices, from softer strings to stiffer strings. The first new entry for 2020 in the Head range of strings is Lynx Tour, a hexagonal monofilament mainly composed of co-polyester. The new Lynx Tour is currently available […]

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MSV Go Max MSV, the German brand well known for the famous Focus Hex, offers a wide range of strings going from soft to tough monofilament and a well assorted offer for tennis accessories. In this case, our attention went to a “new” co-polyester string called Go Max, a soft monofilament made in Germany, offered […]

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Dunlop Explosive Spin Explosive Spin is the new Dunlop string presented in conjunction with the SX line of racquets (see our test of the Dunlop Srixon SX 300). It is a new hexagonal competitive monofilament made primarily from high quality co-polyester. The string is available in yellow and in black and in 1.25 and 1.30 […]

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Babolat RPM Power Babolat is deeply renewing all the string line for the next year to come and comes out with a completely new string called RPM Power; we tested in the demo preview version in 1.25 gauge and brown metallic finish, a strange but beautiful color for a brand new string from the French […]

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