String Finder: how to find the strings that best suit your tennis style


Today’s panorama of tennis strings is enormously vast and heterogeneous.

Knowing how to orient yourself in this jungle is complex and thinking of being able to test yourself all the strings you want, involves a great deal of time and money.

A valid solution to this problem is the Stringinigpedia, which allows you to consult hundreds of technical data sheets containing characteristics and peculiarities obtained by crossing the data returned from the instrumental tests performed on each individual string.

But how do you decide which string is best suited to your racquet and level of play?
The answer is  the String Finder tool!

String Finder is the tool designed by the Stringinigpedia team that allows you, by answering dozens of questions, to receive a targeted suggestion on:

  • type of string (monofilament, multifilament, gut…) most suitable for your tennis
  • range of medium static stiffnesses
  • range of gauges

Also, if you are a GOLD subscriber, you can get a list of strings filtered on the data (type, stiffness and gauge) returned by the String Finder.

I invite you to try this new tool and check the results…you may find that the strings you are currently using are not the most suitable for your tennis!