MAUVE Sports – MSV

MAUVE Sports - MSV

Mauve Sports – MSV was born in Germany in 2000 from an idea of Karl-Eberhard Mauve, who has a great experience in development, production and supply of tennis accessories.

Since the very beginning, Mauve put the focus on stringing and strings, as he is well aware of the importance of these factors in the general performance of a tennis player.

Later on, he developed MiniSTT, a small electronic device sold all over the world in large quantities that measures the tension of the string bed.

Mauve specialized in the development and sale of high-quality strings, grips and overgrips, although originally, he had produced all kind of accessories related to tennis.

Carl-Philipp, the son of the founder Karl-Eberhard Mauve, bought the 50% of the family business in 2014 and he became CEO of the company.

Nowadays, MSV products are sold in more than 50 country all over the world and they receive excellent reviews from several associations that test and evaluate tennis articles available on the market.

Undoubtedly, MSV Focus Hex is the favourite product of the costumers. However, the catalogue of the company includes a wide range of high-quality accessories for tennis players: strings and grips, that are undisputed signs of the elevated standards of the brand, tennis balls machines and tools that make trainings easier and more efficient. Costumers focus on both sale and after-sale service distinguish MAUVE Sports-MSV.

MSV Tennis Pointer is a great tool to exercise and improve the precision when hitting the ball. Its development involved several tennis academies and trainers from different countries, and together with the fact that it is made of excellent wood, these factors make the MSV Tennis Pointer the first and the favourite product of this type on the market, although several attempts of imitation. 

MSV has been collaborating with the two biggest associations of stringers in the world, ERSA and USRSA, for a long time and currently his articles are sold on the major online shops.

The last aspect we would like to underline is the interest the company has always put in supplies designated to athletes, both up-and-coming and well-established players, and to a considerable number of coaches and academies. 

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