MSV Go Max


MSV Go Max

MSV, the German brand well known for the famous Focus Hex, offers a wide range of strings going from soft to tough monofilament and a well assorted offer for tennis accessories.

In this case, our attention went to a “new” co-polyester string called Go Max, a soft monofilament made in Germany, offered in black color and 1.20mm1.25mm gauges with a very wide range of potential tennis users.

The static stiffness is soft, going from 0.4kg/mm to 0.70-0.75kg/mm with an average value of 0.5-0.55kg/mm. After a molecular string assessment around 20-25kg, the response is progressively tougher but always from the medium-soft side, offering very good comfort, ball poketing and great feeling on ball impact.

The maximum resilience range is around 22-26kg but considering and the recommended tension goes from 23 to 27kg considering the soft nature of the material and the progressive plasticization of the string. 

A light pre-stretch or manual assessment during stringing could help dynamic string tension stabilization and constant response for a medium-long term use, but if you want to obtain maximum feel and ball contact, high power and spin attitude good for racing players, the string could be perfect without any mechanical assessment, considering a medium dynamic life for the string around 4-6 hours of high level playing.

The dynamic stiffness for the fresh string is low, considering it’s a monofilament string, and is around 230g/mm -> 210lbs/inch for the “used” string, a good result in comfort level.

The string attitudes are power and spin oriented with a good progressive response without the strong and nervous response of the classic high stiffness racing string.

This string could remember some well known and famous “silver strings” on the market but on the soft side, with a very good feeling in terms of ball contact and direction control. To use the string at its best you need to look for your ideal tension, knowing you have to set 1-2kg more comparing with other stiffer monofilaments.

Progressive plasticization is quite evident and dynamic tension loss quite appreciable after the firsts hours of play.

The MSV Go Max 1.20mm and 1.25mm is a very interesting string for racing players (also on dense patterns) looking for high performances in the first hours of play but could be the ideal choice for young players freshly introduced to monofilament world. 

The soft feeling, the high comfort and feeling could be good for an hybrid solution and after for a fullbed solution for 12-14 years old male or female players with good technique and perspective but it could be perfect also for club players, seniors or ladies looking for a monofilament solution with a soft feeling, high comfort, and arm friendly response.

For instrumental measurements and further information, please refer to the Stringingpedia test page!