The characteristics of string: the control level


The level of control of a tennis string depends on how much this, pushing in confidence and full arm, allows you not to lose the ball control ensuring directionality and trajectory.

The control of a string is defined proportionally by the level of stiffness of the filament itself, that is, on the basis of how much, by deforming or wrapping the ball, the string allows to obtain the right depth of shots.

It must be considered that a second element that contributes to the feeling of control during the game is the “progressive plasticization” of the string, that is, how much the string, impact after impact, tends to deform in a plastic way giving that feeling of ball “attached” to the stringbed that gives the player the maximum confidence during the execution of the shots.


Note: it should be noted that the stringing tension directly affects the performance in terms of control of a filament. The greater the applied tension, the greater the deformation on the ball and the energy lost in the impact phase.