Tecnifibre Ergo Pro ATP

Tecnifibre Ergo Pro ATP

We were lucky enough to be able to work for a few months, even with heavy workloads, with the Tecnifibre Ergo Pro ATP, the top-of-the-line stringing machine from the French manufacturer. It combines minimal technology (as the manufacturer likes) with great reliability, yield and durability.

The Ergo Pro ATP is without a doubt among the best stringing machines on the market today.

Aesthetically the Ergo Pro ATP comes in an attractive black, with stickers that recall the use of this model in many tournaments of the pro tour around the world.

The ATP version is different because of the presence of the electric foot, stable and strong. This accessory aesthetically completes a truly high-tech project, and can be easily used directly from the control area located in the dashboard of the machine through two buttons.

Another special feature of this version is the magnetic locking of the racket head by means of a button in the control area, which allows you to “lock” and “unlock” the racket head quickly with one single touch.

Just like any other stringing machine on the market, this Tecnifibre stringing machine has its pros and cons.


As already mentioned, the Tecnifibre Ergo Pro ATP is a stringing machine designed and built to last a long time. The amount of work and ordinary wear and tear do not scratch it too much, and the feeling you get is to be using a “mule” that can string dozens of thousands of frames without ever losing its efficiency and performance.

Another big pro of the Ergo Pro ATP is the large accessory compartment. While in many of its competitors this compartment is rather small and inconvenient, in this stringing machine it has a “U” shape that can easily accommodate any accessory without any bother whatsoever for the user.

The specialties of the French house are definitely the bases of the solid and reliable clamps, and above all the tracks where they slide, made of a high quality, “magical” alloy that allows perfect and smooth sliding time and time again.

The string counter positioned on the front of the machine in the lower part is comfortable and reliable, a really interesting option that allows you to work safely and avoid unnecessary string waste.

Last but not least, is the option to use the stringing machine in “table” mode. Little, comfortable feet placed in the lower part of the machine ensure perfectly stable support, making the Ergo Pro ATP very versatile for those who may want to carry it around for some quick work.

Interesting and well placed is the “pull” button. Solid and precise, it’s also very pleasing for its size and sensitivity.


One aspect we don’t like about this stringing machine is the racket clamping system, which works with the displacement of one or both towers. We find this mechanism slower than the standard ones used by the range competitors.

The absence of the diablo is a choice of the French house common in all their machines, replaced by a “T” that dampens the stresses going to the guide of the machine during the pulling phase.

Although highly professional, the clamps of the machine (which feature a 6-teeth clamping) have some limitations due to the fact that they’re not diamond-coated. We think that in machines of this level they should be. Moreover, while the clamps come in a “good” size, they sometimes cannot reach every corner of the racket head.

The classic and minimal display of the stringing machine is sometimes slightly dark and barely readable.

As mentioned, the Ergo Pro ATP has a strong and sturdy electric foot pedal, which is maybe slightly low even if used at maximum extension.

Finally, the price well above the average price of competing stringing machines makes it the least accessible to stringers.


We’re truly impressed by this stringing machine, especially for its excellent stability and precision, and its exceptional durability which gives the stringers who decide to buy it the possibility to form a bond that can last almost forever!

Thanks to Federico Desi for his contribution to the review.