Castore Sportswear

Castore Sportswear

Castore Sportswear

Castore Sportswear is a British luxury sportswear company founded in 2016 by two brothers, Tom and Phil Behaon, with an athletic background. The company’s goal to be in the premium market segment is clearly communicated through the company’s slogan: “better never stops”.

Castore is a brand best known for its partnerships with Newcastle United and Rangers Football Club, but recently it has also made an appearance in the world of tennis thanks to an excellent British partner: Andy Murray.

AMC is the line of Castore reserved for tennis that has as its testimonial Andy Murray. The shop is available at the following address and allows free shipping in Europe if you exceed the threshold of 100 euros:

Thanks to my curiosity in testing new clothing brands and sales (which have greatly facilitated, needless to say, the test) I ordered a pair of technical t-shirts, shorts and a hat.

The shipment comes directly from England and, for 2 separate orders, I received the goods in about 4 days without having to pay customs duties or surcharges of any kind. The goods arrive in an elegant black envelope where the Castore logo stands out. All items are in turn individually wrapped in convenient re-sealable and reusable plastic bags.

The quality of the items is very high and you can feel it to the touch. The t-shirts, at least the ones I bought (PRO TEK PRINTED TEE), are made of a light and finely perforated technical fabric (very pleasant to the touch) that promotes excellent aeration even in the most complicated weather conditions.

The shorts are very comfortable and made of stretch polyester, breathable and anti-humidity and have a cut designed to increase ease of movement in the field or while running (I accidentally bought the variant without side pockets and I’m using them precisely for running and the gym).

Also of the same quality is the cap, built to be breathable and designed to keep your head cool during serious exercise or daily use.

I’ve been using the equipment for over a couple of months now and haven’t experienced any problems when washing…the clothes always look like new!

A hint about sizes…often, especially for technical t-shirts, you always have the doubt of which size to buy. For example, Hydrogen (another luxury brand that I use regularly) always recommends a size larger than the reference size (for example, I have an XL and I wear an XXL for Hydrogen), for Nike I have to go down a size, etc…
For Castore instead XL is XL (and so on), both for t-shirts and shorts!

Castore’s products are not exactly among the cheapest on the market, but they are definitely above average quality. So if you’re looking for something “valuable” (and maybe you’re in a sales period) my advice is to try this brand…most likely you will not be disappointed!