Tecnifibre HDMX


Tecnifibre HDMX

Tecnifibre is a brand that needs no introduction. In the past it made history with multifilaments, and has a very high-quality production facility that to this day focuses mainly on the development and evolution of polyamide-polyurethane strings. 

The latest creation of this French company, which recently redesigned its logo with a design that recalls the choices of the past and a strong use of white as the dominant colour, is a string called HDMX. Available in 1.25 – 1.30 – 1.35mm gauges, it is a complex and refined hybrid filament that, starting from a multi-type structure, combines polyester filaments, in polyamide-nylon coated with a “classic” polyurethane finish, a distinctive character of the brand.

The acronym of the newest one is reminiscent of the existing HDX, a high-quality string characterized by an intermediate stiffness between a mono and a multi, but HDMX is a further step in the direction of monofilament strings, slightly increasing the static stiffness without sacrificing comfort and at the same time giving dynamism and spin that are very close to those of a monofilament string on the tennis court. 

This type of effect is made possible by the presence of 4 polyester macrofilaments placed at the core of the string, alternating with polyamide microfilaments, and twisted together to form a single composite section enclosed by a polyurethane coating with an anti-friction treatment called “3SPL Silicium Pyrogene Lubritec”.

This treatment of the outer coating, which is hard, smooth, and slick, allows, especially with new strings, to obtain a sliding unusual for this type of filament and a snap-back that in the field results in appreciable spin for a monofilament.

Tecnifibre HDMX 125

The static stiffness of the filament is intermediate, and the trend is typical of polyamide strings with stiffness increasing with increasing tension. 

To get the best in terms of performance it is good not to install at high tension, but nor is it good to go too low, to make the most of the reactivity of the fibres. 

The optimal stringing range is from 21-22kg up to 24-25kg, but it is possible to go below this when one wishes to maximize comfort and control at tensions around 18-20kg, which could be slightly low. 

The overall comfort level is very high and in line with high-quality multifilaments, as well as the dynamic durability that can be identified as corresponding to the mechanical life of the string allowing one to use the string until it breaks.

Tecnifibre HDMX 125

The power and spin are compelling thanks to an intermediate level of elasticity that makes the string usable by a wide range of players.

The ball exit is not fast but rather progressive and linear, without the “bump” typical of monofilaments, while the general elasticity is in an intermediate band, as is logical for a “hybrid” type string with a mix of polyamide-polyester.

The sensation of contact with the ball is remarkable thanks to the lateral sliding of the string and its return, but certainly also thanks to a dynamic behaviour that frames HDMX in a completely unique sector.

The tension maintenance is good overall with respectable dynamic stability, and in these terms it is possible to obtain even better results by applying a slight pre-stretch that helps to stabilize the string mechanically and dynamically, limiting losses and subsequent settling to a minimum (in case of pre-stretch, it is advisable to lower the tension by the same percentage applied for the prestretching of the string, e.g. 20kg with 10% pre-stretch -> 20kg -10% of 20kg -> 20kg -2kg =18kg).

To conclude, Tecnifibre HDMX 1.30mm is a multifilament of absolute relevance, very modern, and different from other strings in the same category. It is in the intermediate sector between soft monofilament strings and multifilament strings with a very singular personality and versatile performance. 

HDMX might be the ideal choice for young people in the evolutionary phase and the transition from multi to mono, for intermediate level agonists looking for an excellent compromise between the performance of a mono and the comfort of a multi.

In case of arm problems or discomfort HDMX could be the solution to play with something similar in terms of performance but with a level of joint protection at the multi level.

This new TF string is also an ideal choice for those with a classic and clean style who are looking for a high-quality string that allows maximum versatility in the field, as well as for all lovers of hybrid stringing, since the goal of HDMX is to go further than HDX and to combine the advantages of a hybrid into a single string.

English Version by Mathew Mathew