The characteristics of string: the static tension holding


The static stability of a string is a direct measure of how the string tends to maintain or not, in the first 300 seconds (5 minutes) after tensioning, the initial tension.

In the case of a string with poor attitudes to static tensional stability, there will be a pronounced decline in the tension value, which is always concentrated in the first 30-60 seconds after stretching and then stabilize and reach, with an asymptotic course, an almost constant value after 180-240 seconds.

In caso di una corda con ottime attitudini di stabilità tensionale statica, il calo tensionale sarà contenuto in valori di circa 15% (±2%), una corda con valori intermedi di tenuta restituirà valori prossimi al 20% (±2%) mentre per valori di calo tensionale superiori al 20% possiamo definire il filamento come cedevole.

It must be pointed out that the static tensional stability value, however connected, is not always indissolubly linked with the dynamic tensional stability value and in some cases, there may be strings with a significant tensional drop when the racquet is stationary, which do not show a decay and a change in behaviour under the dynamic action of play.