Grip StringLab to change the grip size

We have tested exclusively StringLab‘s new grips that allow you to change the handle size of your racquet.

They will be available in the StringLab catalog in late May and will be available in the following variations:

  • an extra size in black and white
  • half a size up in black and white
  • one size less in black and white
  • half a size down in black and white.

The main function of these replacement grips is to increase or decrease the grip size (half or one size) without significantly altering the characteristics (weight and balance) of your racquet.

Measurements made on 5 frames, to which we applied grip to increase the handle by one size, showed a difference of about 1 or 2 grams compared to the original configuration.
Definitely a very satisfying result that is currently only easily achievable by replacing the pallets (but only some brands of racquets allow this).

The application is simple (exactly the same as traditional grips) and the end result is a grip that is only slightly softer than a traditional grip with less (but not overly) marked “edges”.

An excellent alternative to heat-shrink sleeves (which are heavy and require a certain amount of manual skill for correct application) and pallet replacement (not all brands use interchangeable shells for the handles of their rackets).

Grips are also already available in the StringLab catalogue to reduce the size of the handle (for more information visit this page).

Thanks to StringLab (in the person of Luigi Bortone) for the preview and the exclusive!