The characteristics of string: pre-stretch


The pre-stretch action on the string, indicated with the relative percentage, is shown as possible and/or advisable in case the string is characterized by a pronounced dynamic decay (progressive plasticization – poor dynamic duration – loss of tension). 

The pre-stretch is always a personal choice of the technician, player or stringer and must generally be associated with a drop in tension applied to the string equal to the percentage of pre-stretch applied.

20kg pre-stretch 10%20kg – 10% 20kg = 20kg – 2kg = 18kg
25kg pre-stretch 10%25kg – 10% 25kg = 25kg – 2.5kg = 22.5kg
25kg pre-stretch 20%25kg – 20% 25kg = 25kg – 5kg = 20kg

It should always be pointed out that the action of mechanical stabilization operated with the pre-stretch limits the losses of tension by plasticization of the filament but at the same time, aligning the molecular chains, gives greater stiffness to the filament itself.

Stiffness variable from string to string depending on the initial stiffness, the characteristics of the material and the section of the string itself.