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Diadem Evolution

Diadem Evolution Diadem Evolution is a circular section monofilament made of polyamide with a low friction silicone coating. The peculiarity of the Evolution is the construction material, polyamide, which unlike traditional...

Infinite Soft Spin

Infinite Strings Today we are discovering a new tennis string brand: Infinite Strings. The Infinite brand is owned by Marco Chivilò, already known by many as the...

Luxilon Alu Power Green

The new monofilament Luxilon Alu Power Green is one of the new colored variant of the “classic” Alu Power 1.25 on the market.The string of champions, largely...

StringLab Alu Tour LB

StringLab Alu Tour LB The Alu Tour LB are a monofilament of StringLab, derived from the “sisters” Alu Tour. Like the Alu Tour, the Alu Tour LB is a round monofilament composed of...

String Project Rocket

String Project Rocket Rocket è un monofilamento prodotto da String Project a sezione circolare. La corda è realizzata in soft poliestere, trattata in alfa-olefine, rifinita con cera liquida e sottoposta ad...

Kirschbaum Pro Line II Rough

Kirschbaum Pro Line II Rough Kirschbaum brand needs no presentation!A top quality string maker from years creates new strings in the groove of tradition but at...

Yonex Poly Tour Spin

Yonex Poly Tour Spin Le Yonex Poly Tour Spin sono un monofilamento agonistico in poliestere ed hanno come rappresentante principale la tedesca Sabine Lisicki. Sono corde a sezione pentagonale, commercializzate nella colorazione azzurra o nera e disponibili nel...

Dunlop NT Max Plus

NT Max Plus 1.30 is one of the latest release under the Dunlop brand. This monofilament string is a top performance co-polyester extrusion with a special coating, projected and created to...

StringLab Rip&Curl

StringLab Rip&Curl Rip&Curl is the first multimono to be launched on the market by StringLab. The string has a rough circular section and is composed of nylon/polyamide and a polyurethane...

MSV Co Ultra

MSV Co Ultra The MSV Co Ultra is a circular section monofilament composed mainly of polyester and has a special coating that allows the strings to move faster (snapback). The...

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