Head Graphene 360 Extreme Pro


Technical data sheet

Head size100 sq. in.
Weight (declared)310 g
Weight (measured)307.4 g
Balance point (declared)315 mm
Balance point (measured)316 mm
Flex (measured)65 ra
Dynamic flex155hz 67.2 dra
Swingweight (measured)297 kgcmq
Beam profile23 mm / 26 mm / 21 mm
String pattern16×19
Length68.5 cm

Looking at the adopted technologies, this series also enters the world of the Graphene 360. From the first series, in which it was used only at the throat, we are now in the position of having Graphene also on the entire hoop, with a great increase in stability, even torsional stability. 

We should also point out the Funnel Grommets, which allow the mains to move more, accentuating both power and spin.