Tecnifibre T-Flash 300 CES


Technical data sheet

What stands out is a very noticeable stiffness. Concerning the rest, an important choice was made from the point of view of balance, opting for a rather backward balance. The remaining figures are in line with what the market usually offers in this segment.

All the following data are taken from an unstrung frame. 

Head size100 sq. in.
Weight (declared)300 g
Weight (measured)303 g
Balance point (declared)315 mm
Balance point (measured)317 mm
Flex (measured)75 ra
Dynamic flex178hz 76 dra
Swingweight (measured)291 kgcmq
Twistweight (measured)12 kgcmq
Beam profile25 mm / 26 mm / 25 mm
String pattern16×19
Length68.5 cm

Many technologies are present, in some cases out of necessity to compensate for construction choices. For example, the HD Fuse Grip, which inserts silicone in the “grip” area, is an excellent system to compensate for shock and vibration inevitably triggered by such high rigidity. The CES Section refers to the new design (section in particular) of this frame, while the Progressive String Pattern refers to a progressive increase in the spacing of the mains from the center outward. The grommets are very well-made, with the very accurate detail of the “fixed eyelets”, which contrast in white, dedicated to securing the various knots, 4 at the bottom and 2 at the top.