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Wilson Clash

The Wilson Clash prototype The Wilson Clash is definitely one of the most hyped up frames of 2019! At the moment Wilson hasn’t released any official specification about...

Tecnifibre T-Fight XTC 315

Tecnifibre T-Fight XTC 315 The T-Fight XTC 315 is the heaviest version (with 16×19 stringbeds) of the new T-Fight series produced by the French company Tecnifibre. It has a...

Donnay Formula 100 Hexacore

Donnay Formula 100 Hexacore The Donnay Formula 100 Hexacore is the “bad” twin of the Pentacore. From the Pentacore it shares most of the features but is distinguished by...

Donnay Formula 100 Pentacore Red

Donnay Formula 100 Pentacore Red The Donnay Formula 100 Pentacore Red (referring to the colouring of the writing on the racket body) is one of the top...

Snauwaert Grinta 98 Lite 16×16

Snauwaert Grinta 98 Lite 16×16 We had the pleasure to receive in test and in preview a good part of set of Snauwaertracquets, historical Belgian brand...

Donnay Allwood 102 Hexacore

Donnay Allwood 102 Hexacore La Donnay Allwood 102 Hexacore è la rivisitazione in chiave moderna dell’intramontabile Donnay Allwood utilizzata dal grande campione svedese Björn Borg. Nei primi 2 mesi...

Pro Kennex Ki 5 320 16×20

The Pro Kennex rackets Pro Kennex is an Italian company that has always been a forerunner and innovator in the world of racket sports. In the collective...

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Wilson Shift

Wilson WLabs Project Shift

Wilson WLabs Project Shift (2023) An interesting preview for Wilson, who have decided to introduce to the online market only these two new frames that...
Msv Swift

Msv Swift

Player Profile Ideal for players who look for an arm-friendly co-poly with a good level of control. It is a perfect string for a player...

Tecnifibre Ergo Pro ATP

Tecnifibre Ergo Pro ATP We were lucky enough to be able to work for a few months, even with heavy workloads, with the Tecnifibre Ergo...
Head Boom MP 2022

Head Boom MP 2022

The new entry enters the racket market with great personality. No wonder the technicians renamed it the Perfect Racket. https://youtu.be/HMfgrkoT7Fw At Head they have no fear...
Head Prestige Tour 2022

Head Prestige Tour 2022

Head Prestige Tour The Head Prestige Tour 2022 is certainly the most revolutionized frame of the new Prestige series. The revolution lies above all in...