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Wilson Blade 98S v7

Wilson Blade 98S v7

Wilson Blade 98S v7 Let’s analyse a racquet that can be associated with some of the racquets with greatest technical index in the entire Blade...
Donnay Formula 100 Hexacore Unibody 2020

Donnay Formula 100 Hexacore Unibody

Donnay Formula 100 Hexacore Unibody Donnay is a brand whose tradition is well known to all tennis players and is a reality that has solid...

Dunlop SX 300 Tour

Dunlop SX 300 Tour Dunlop wanted to focus research, production and marketing "playing" on these different classes of racquets: CX, where the C stands for Control...

Wilson Ultra 100 V3

Wilson Ultra 100 V3 Wilson's weapon to fight the competition in the 100/300 frame range is confirmed to be the new Ultra 100. Our impression...

Dunlop Srixon CX 200+

Dunlop Srixon CX 200+ Many are familiar with Dunlop's new classic, the CX 200, a very refined frame distinguished by a matte black graphic interrupted...

Toalson S-Mach Pro 97

Toalson S-Mach Pro 97 Toalson is a brand that is not particularly well-known to the general public but which has always excelled in high quality...

Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP

Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP The Austrian brand Head renews what we can call the most important family in its catalogue. Exceptional endorsements, Djokovic most...

Yonex Ezone 100

Yonex Ezone 100 The new 2020 version of the Yonex Ezone 100 is renewed, as written for Ezone 98, above all in the colouration that...

Head Graphene 360+ Prestige S

Head Graphene 360+ Prestige S A completely new frame for what appears to be a milestone in Head production, when this was added to the...

Yonex Ezone 98 305g

Yonex Ezone 98 305g The Ezone is probably the most popular and well-known series from the Japanese brand Yonex. The racquet that is endorsed by...

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Msv Swift

Msv Swift

Player Profile Ideal for players who look for an arm-friendly co-poly with a good level of control. It is a perfect string for a player...

Tecnifibre Ergo Pro ATP

Tecnifibre Ergo Pro ATP We were lucky enough to be able to work for a few months, even with heavy workloads, with the Tecnifibre Ergo...
Head Boom MP 2022

Head Boom MP 2022

The new entry enters the racket market with great personality. No wonder the technicians renamed it the Perfect Racket. At Head they have no fear...
Head Prestige Tour 2022

Head Prestige Tour 2022

Head Prestige Tour The Head Prestige Tour 2022 is certainly the most revolutionized frame of the new Prestige series. The revolution lies above all in...

MSV Focus-HEX Soft

MSV Focus-HEX Soft The MSV Focus-HEX Soft is a copolyester-based monofilament string made in Germany that features a hexagonal cross-section (as the word HEX suggests). The...