Dunlop NT Max Plus

Dunlop NT Max Plus

NT Max Plus 1.30 is one of the latest release under the Dunlop brand.

This monofilament string is a top performance co-polyester extrusion with a special coating, projected and created to exalt spin and control without sacrificing power and ball response.
Available in 1.25 and 1.30 gauge.

We tested the 1.30 mm 16 gauge string with our pro-t-one string-lab machine for the traction test and for the hysteresis test and with pro-t-one string-killer to get semi-dynamic stiffness of the poly extrusion.


The traction test from 5 to 35kg shows a linear and constant behavior of the material, with good consistency and high static stiffness (average value = 1.03kg/mm).

The dynamic stiffness, measure of comfort and impact on the arm during the play, is high with 240g/mm ⇨ 230lb/inch, tough and solid impacts, typical for competitive and racing strings.

1.15kg/mm of static linear stiffness (65 lbs/inch) talk about a string for big hitters with fast strokes and good power, high and medium high level tennis players seeking for top performance string with a good combination of control and spin.

Hysteresis test and load-unload cycles test let us know more about tension stability, average resilience, resilience peak and report a fast response on the ball with a fairly good power if you string al medium-low tensions around 18-21kg using part of the resilient inner response of the material.

The string doesn’t change behavior and ball response quickly and is fully playable for 6 up to 12 hours depending of the player. The tension stability and dynamic response in good for a racing co-polyester string.

No pre-strech is needed to have a better string stabilization or uniform the dynamic response of the string.

A top level choice for competitive players searching for a control oriented string with good spin production and good durability.


Check also 1.25mm gauge if you want more power and ball pocketing without sacrificing spin and control; also hybrid combination with 1.30mm on mains and 1.25mm on crosses could be good to enhance spin and power with a softer feeling.For more info please check the Stringingpedia website.