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Wilson Kaos 2.0

Wilson Kaos 2.0
Wilson Kaos 2.0

Wilson Kaos 2.0

Wilson is a brand known mainly for the production of frames and accessories for tennis rackets.
It is less known for its production in the clothing sector.
In this article we will talk about a shoe produced by Wilson, the Kaos 2.0, evolution of the previous series simply named Kaos.

The Kaos 2.0 have a weight of 325 gr (in reference to a 42/42.5) and have the following technologies:

  • Skinguard: protects the upper for durability; forefoot and side reinforcements provide better support during rapid lateral movements and thrusts.
  • Pro Torque Chassis Light (PTC): uses speed-driven footbed technology to give you the best in stability and flexibility.
  • Duralast: the exclusive high-density, wear-resistant rubber provides excellent abrasion resistance and maximum traction on all surfaces.
  • Endofit: guarantees better comfort and stability and an intuitive fit thanks to the structure with full lining.
  • DF2: provides a cushioning feel in the field and is a compromise between comfort and speed performance (DF2 = 9 mm heel-toe drop).
  • 2D-FS: offers superior performance in terms of support, responsiveness, lateral stability and control in the forefoot of the shoe.
  • R-DST+: High compression EVA material produces a combination of cushioning and rebound for more dynamic performance.

The aesthetics

Wilson proposes different colours.

There are the classic white (supported by yellow) and black (supported by orange) as well as pink (and midnight blue), coral (and blue) and blue (and white).

On court

The Wilson Kaos 2.0 is a high performance, lightweight and dynamic shoe that naturally returns every movement made in the field.

The PTC and Endofit technologies make the fit very comfortable and stable in any situation.
In addition, the “inner sock”, which also includes the tongue, completely wraps the foot increasing the feeling of comfort of the shoe.

Stability and support to the foot are guaranteed by the 2D-FSDF2 and R-DST+technologies, which also give the Kaos a good cushioning and a discreet overall dynamism of the shoe.
Good foot support and the ability to easily change direction in total safety.
They make the feet of tennis players with a low body weight (or “average” and in any case no more than 80 kg), who make mobility and agility their strong point.

Skinguard and Duralast give the Kaos a modern and technical style and allow them to increase their resistance by reinforcing the most frequent points of wear.

We recommend buying half a number more than the usual size (even a number one more if you use the double sock or ankle braces or ankle braces).

To conclude

We can say that the Wilson Kaos 2.0 are shoes that reward the mobile and agile tennis player in search of good comfort and support during travel.

Excellent dynamism and good cushioning complete the Kaos project.