Wilson Blade 104 v7


Technical data sheet

As mentioned, there are many new features in this frame. We point out the string pattern, which goes from the old 18×19 to an optimal 16×19. The platter is still the permissive 104 with the balance receding 5 mm, becoming a classic 32 cm.

Stringbed104 sq. in.
Declared weight290 g
Weight detected287 g
Declared balancing320 mm
Balancing detected322 mm
Detected stiffness60 ra
Dynamic stiffness136hz 61.7 dra
Detected swingweight290 kgcmq
Profile22 mm / 22 mm / 22 mm
String pattern16×19
Length69.8 cm

The data are to be considered with frame not strung.

The technology adopted to make the frame so elastic is the FeelFlex system (which we have also seen on the Blade 98) which replaces the old Countervail, now present only on its older sister 104 SW. Practically in common with the last edition we find only the “mold”, in fact the frame remains with profile 22 and the length that is confirmed 1 cm longer than the standard. Considering that even the sublime grip has been replaced by the new Pro Performance, it is easy to see that the project is generally highly innovative.