The characteristics of string: the recommended tension


The recommended tension range for the strings varies according to the string’s stiffness and the maximum resilience interval.

In the presence of strings with low power and reactivity, rigid and very consistent, the recommended range is close to the range of maximum resilience.
On the contrary, in the presence of very powerful, soft strings, which are not particularly stable from a dynamic point of view, the recommended range in terms of tension is moved higher as the characteristics listed above are more evident

  • Powerful, elastic, dynamically unstable strings with low to medium modulus of elasticity ⇨ high tension range compared to the maximum resilience range.
  • Low-power, stiff, medium-high modulus of elasticity strings, dynamically stable ⇨ low tension range compared to maximum resilience range. 

Obviously the tension must be chosen according to the needs of the player and the range indicated represents an optimal range able to optimize the power of the string in relation to the qualities of control, dynamic stability of the string.