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Luxilon Smart

Luxilon Smart The Smart is the new monofilament produced by the Belgian company Luxilon. I can’t remember so much hype generated by a string,...

Infinite Flash Red

Infinite Flash Red Flash Red is one of the most competitive monofilaments offered by the Infinitebrand. The string is part...

String-Kong Banana Bite

String-Kong Banana Bite Banana Bite is a new generation monofilament produced and marketed by String-Kong, an Italian brand specialized in tennis strings...

HighString Zeus

HighString Zeus Today we know another Italian brand specializing in tennis strings: HighString. The brand is owned by Federico Desi,...

StringLab Hydrogen Revo

StringLab Hydrogen Revo Hydrogen Revo is the new string presented by StringLab, a well-known Italian brand specializing in the production and...

Dyreex Nerve

Dyreex Nerve Today we’re talking about the Nerve, the all-rounder from the French company Dyreex. This is a...

Diadem Solstice Power

Diadem Solstice Power The Diadem Solstice Power is a competitive monofilament based on polyester with high performance and “universal” behaviour.

Head Hawk Touch

Head Hawk Touch We start the 2019 with the review of the Head Hawk Touch, strings used by Alexander Zverev, winner...

Diadem Evolution

Diadem Evolution Diadem Evolution is a circular section monofilament made of polyamide with a low friction silicone coating. The peculiarity of...

Infinite Soft Spin

Infinite Strings Today we are discovering a new tennis string brand: Infinite Strings. The Infinite brand is...

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