The scope

Instrumentally testing the strings providing to users objective data collected in technical cards easily accessible from any fixed or mobile device.

Racketpedia is a constantly evolving and updated database that will help its users to find their way around the complex and vast strings world.


String finder

By completing a short questionnaire you will receive, based on the answers given, suggestions on the characteristics (type, static stiffness and gauge) of the ropes that best adapt to your tennis.

In addition, if you are a GOLD user, you can view a list of strings on Stringpedia that meet the parameters returned from the String Finder and proceed with the application of additional filters (see section "ADVANCED SEARCH").


The data sheets

The data of the instrumental tests are collected in technical sheets and divided into three main categories:

  • general informations
  • characteristics
  • stiffness

In the General information section, you will find:
strengths description typology shape composition gauges available on the market recommended tension playing life max resilience range prestretch (suggested) ball pocketing

In the Characteristics section they are shown in tabular and graphical form (with values ​​from 1 to 100): power resilience peak average resilience spin control dynamic tension stability static tension maintenance comfort

In the section Stiffness they are shown in tabular and graphic form:
static stiffness 10-15kg static stiffness 15-20kg static stiffness 20-25kg static stiffness 25-30kg static stiffness 30-35kg average static stiffness 15-30kg dynamic stiffness (used string) dynamic stiffness (string selector test simulator)


The similar strings

Each card has a maximum of 12 strings similar to the selected one.
Furthermore, 12 more similar strings are reported for each characteristic.
It will be very simple to find alternatives or to know new products similar to those that are normally used.

It is also possible to compare "on demand" the string of the selected card with a similar string and check its differences.


The advanced search

The advanced search allows to search strings through advanced filters (attitudes, stiffness, brand, caliber, etc...) combinable at will and without limitations.

It is also possible to filter on minimum characteristic values ​​and sort the results with a simple drag&drop of the characteristics.


Compare strings

It is possible to simultaneously compare a maximum of 4 technical sheets with the possibility of comparing the parameters.
The comparison is in both tabular and graphic format.


The hybrids

In this section it is possible, starting from the choice of the string to be mounted on the vertical, to receive suggestions on the composition of a hybrid.

Selecting the hybrid type (Power & Spin, Spin & Control or Feel & Control) and the brand of strings to be mounted on the horizontal will be possible to receive suggestions for up to 5 monofilaments, 5 multifilaments and 5 natural guts that will compose the hybrid.


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