Wilson Blade 98 V8 16×19 2022


Technical data

The Blade V8 16×19 305g substantially confirms its characteristics from the point of view of the declared data.

With a weight of 305g and a 320mm balance, it immediately enlights a strong attitude for competition, even if not in an exasperated way. The sample in our possession showed some tolerances in terms of weight and overall balance even if they are widely included within the limits declared by the manufacturers.

Wilson for this new Blade 98 ″ V8 did not intervene in appreciable terms on the profile or shape of the racquet, which remains substantially unchanged compared to the previous versions. The profile is confirmed in its constant thickness 21-21-21-21mm with boxed-type stems and the typical Blade semi-elliptical section oval.

On the other hand, according to the manufacturer’s statement, the carbon fiber distribution scheme is different, which uses 45 ° intertwined filaments, increasing the progressivity and softness and giving up the stiffness and reactivity that characterized the first progenitors of the Blade line. We will see if the laboratory analysis will confirm this data.

The plastics of the grommets and the head cover are very classic, well made, with excellent couplings, without string suspension systems or other artifices intended for more devoted to push and spin racquets.

Slightly different is the shape of the cap which is more pronounced than in the past, always red and with a black W logo, larger than the ones seen until the recent past and which incorporates the graphics of the racquets of a few years ago.

The feeling in the hand of a size L3, compared to other racquets on the market seems to be slightly more abundant, almost old-fashioned, with a comfortable and velvety grip offered by the Pro Performance grip from Wilson.

The surface finish, the painting and the overall effect also from a tactile point of view are of great effect. At a first analysis, as well as being very captivating, the new iridescent single-color graphic line, with a choice that is not obvious at all, seems to be personal, elegant as well as consistent and well made.