Prince Ripstick 100 300g 2021


Technical data

The Prince Ripstick 100 features a rounded shape 100 square inch stringbed, 16×18 string pattern and an unstrung weight of 300 grams. The balance is shifted towards the head of the racquet and stands at 32.5 cm with a bare frame. The stiffness is 65 points, dropping to 63 once strung.

The measured values are very close to the specification ones. The frame under review has a weight of 303 grams and a balance of 32.3 cm while the stiffness is equal to that declared.

Datasheet (unstrung racket)
Head size 100 sq. in.
String pattern 16×18
Beam width 27 mm / 25 mm / 22 mm
Length 685mm
Declared weight 300g
Measured weight 303g
Declared balance 325mm
Measured balance 323mm
Measured stiffness 65RA

As anticipated, the presence of O3 technology is very evident, characterized by the so-called “big holes” (O-Ports), which allows an increase in the sweetspot area and increases the snapback effect of the strings in favor of the spin.

Moreover, TeXtreme technology is present which consists of the use of ultra-thin carbon integrated into the layup with an innovative texture, designed to increase overall stability without increasing stiffness.

To conclude the overview of the technologies used there is ATS (Anti-Torque System) or the addition of TeXtreme and Twaron to the blank at 2 and 10 o’clock in the rim to increase torsional stability and power.