Head Graphene 360+ Radical Mp 2021


Technical data

The most evident changes concern the weight, increased of 5 grams, and the totally redesigned grommet system. Less evident with the naked eye, but very important for the playability, are the new geometries, designed at the level of the frame mold; we enlight the most evident one, the variation of the measure of the heart, much wider, with its 3 mm in the part under the bridge, and about 4 mm more of vertical light. The handle, compared to the past, uses pallet TK82 S, a more round and bigger perceived grip than the classic rectangular HEAD, storically used for this line.

Datasheet (unstrung racket)
Head size 98 sq. in.
String pattern 16×19
Beam width 20 mm / 23 mm / 21 mm
Length 685mm
Dynamic stiffness 156Hz – 68.4DRA
Declared weight 300g
Measured weight 298g
Declared balance 320mm
Measured balance 321mm
Swingweight 294.5kgcmq
Spinweight 305kgcmq
Twistweight 10.5kgcmq
Recoilweight 150.8kgcmq
Polar Index 0.94 – 7.0/10 
Measured stiffness 68RA

It worths notice that we have already known the Graphene 360+ in the other HEAD references, this particular SpiralFiber graphite is placed in the lower part of the oval, and returns power in the return phase, in the second part of the hit impact the ball. The very well designed new grommet protects both the frame and the external string passages, and mantains the Control Pattern spacing, closer strings in the impact zone and more spaced at the external of the frame, to increase the sweet spot.