Luxilon Alu Power Green

The new monofilament Luxilon Alu Power Green is one of the new colored variant of the “classic” Alu Power 1.25 on the market.
The string of champions, largely used on pro tour is now available in classic grey, red, blue, lime-yellow and green, re-proposing the same hi-performance string in new and fashion variants.

Projected and built to exalt control, spin and top performance, the Alu Power green seems in hands to be the same string we know in alluminium-grey variant in terms of external coating, reflex and bending stiffness.

We tested the 1.25mm 16L gauge string in green variant using our pro-t-one string-lab machine for the traction test and for the load-unload hysteresis test and the pro-t-one string-killer to get semi-dynamic stiffness of the poly extrusion.


The static linear traction test from 5 to 35kg tells us that new Luxilon Alu Power Green string is a medium-tough string with a constant and linear behavior in all the tension range due to the quality and consistency of the construction material.

The dynamic stiffness, measure of comfort and soft impact on the arm during the play, is high with 245g/mm ⇨ 230lb/inch; as we know Alu Power is a strong and racing string with consistent impact and very solid stringbed feeling, especially if you string above 22-23kg.

The linear stiffness records a 0.85kg/mm (48 lbs/inch); we are in front of a versatile poly string with good combination of power and control with a very strong spin attitude, due to fast response and enhanced ball pocketing; max resilience (elastic response) is positioned in a range from 14-18kg and low stringing tension are recommended (17-23kg) to optimize the response of the filament.

Hysteresis test and load-unload cycles test defines a tennis poly extrusion with strong plasticization behavior (excellent ball feeling and contact), appreciable tension decay and noticeable response variation during the first two-four hours of play, typically of all racing oriented strings.

The general behavior of the string in green version is very similar to the Alu Power in the classic alu-grey version (look at picture blow) under all the aspects even if you could feel something slightly different changing with the color, during the impact with the ball (depending from free vibration frequency).


A top choice for competitive players searching for a top level power, control, and spin string with the typical response of Alu Power with a touch of…colour!


For more info please check the Stringingpedia website.