Diadem Elevate FS 98


Technical data

The Elevate FS shows the same structural characteristics as the previous version, in particular a 98 head size, 16×20 string pattern, and a constant 21.5 mm beam. The unstrung weight is around 305 grams, with a 320 mm balance and a 64 RA stiffness.

Datasheet (unstrung racket)
Head size98 sq. in.
String pattern16×20
Beam21.5 mm / 21.5 mm / 21.5 mm
Dynamic stiffness150Hz – 66.5DRA
Declared weight305g
Measured weight303g
Declared balance320mm
Measured balance321mm
Polar Index0.97 – 8.7/10 
Declared stiffness64RA
Measured stiffness63RA

As we can see from the table, our measurements demonstrate the accuracy of the declared data, which proves the great care and productive quality of this company from Pompano Beach (Florida).

The main building technologies are:

  • IMPACT SHIELD consisting in foam injection in the throat, aiming at reducing the impact shock while maximizing the general impact feeling
  • HMT CARBON involves the integration of high modulus carbon fibers in strategic positions on the frame in order to optimize the flexibility and stiffening the frame in a customized way
  • FS SYSTEM, which stabilizes the frame in terms of the dynamic response of the frame on impact, contributing in eliminating the vibrations.

The sweetspot is not so big, but in line with the head size and centered slightly towards the top of the head. The Elevate FS does not help much when impacting outside the sweetspot (it is no Blade 104, obviously), but let us say it is quite tolerant compared to other rackets with the same 98 head size.

Our study of frame deformability shows an homogeneous flexibility distribution, with a substantial absence of pronounced flexpoints, and with the most flexible part of the racket located exactly at the center of the frame.

The grommet system is simple but efficient, and overall this is a racket of excellent workmanship.